An Introduction to Modern Art

An Introduction to Modern Art

The Modern style was not born in one day when Pablo Picasso started creating his works. It was a gradual process influenced by many trends and events. Some of these trends are More »

About us

Welcome to the website dedicated to fine arts and art in general. Fine art is one of the activities that many people would like to engage more in this subject.

Many people love old paintings, antiques and would love to get more comfortable around them and take their enjoyment of some of the best museums of the world to the next level. However, a lot of folks are a little bit scared and intimidated by the art world because it may seem like it is something only for those with very deep pockets.6a00d83451dc5b69e201bb087309e5970d

Some museums do look very uninviting and resemble fortresses built by Roman emperors. Other museums look very modern and are surrounded by art pieces that don’t seem to make a lot of sense for many people who are not into art.

When you walk into a museum, you often feel like there’s no one to help. Galleries can go for miles without any seating or water. The walls have tons of works of art with descriptions that resemble scientific papers. If you ask a guard where you should go for find a particular piece of art or exhibit, you would often get a blank stare.

Art experts may seem snobbish and their attitude for art acceptable only for highly educated. The art market may also seem scary because it’s international, unregulated and may have scammers operating in it.

The goal of this website is to make navigating through the waters of fine art easier. Here you will find a lot of information about how to go to museums, how to look at art and about different styles of art.